Canadian Cuisine

The Canadian cooks are popularly known because of the five hundred plant species used for their cooking. They started to cultivate and hunt for their daily living. As the days passed their style of cooking and techniques developed. It’s also hard to define Canadian dish. For instance, if we take a look at Indian style it is easy to identify with the seasonings and smell of the dish. Whereas in Canada it’s hard to stick up to one thing that is, Canada is a Multicultural country. The real fact is that there is no single definition of Canadian Cuisine.  Some of the famous foods in Canada are, Beaver Tails, Bloody Caesars, Butter Tarts, and Poutine etc. Beaver Tails is one of the famous deserts introduced by the Canadian institution since 1978. It is fried dough with the toppings which tempt the eaters to grab it. The magical toppings are Nutella, Oreo and more. Bloody Creaser is basically a tomato juice which is known as a cousin of bloody Mary. The light thickness of the tomato juice resembles the refreshing cocktail and so it is loved by the Canadians. For instance, Canadian bacon is famous in Ontario, Split Pea Soup is popular in Canada, and Nanaimo Bars is popular in Quebec.